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Protecting your e-mail communication is our top priority.

E-mail communication is a major challenge in terms of data protection: it is relatively trivial for third parties to read e-mails. As early as the 18th century, people began to protect confidential information with a wax seal.

This seal informed the recipient about the identity of the sender, but also about the integrity of the contents. A reliable solution for exchanging sensitive information by e-mail is therefore an absolute must for companies. That’s why R4C provides a Secure Mail Service to cover these requirements.

R4C – Secure Mail Service is a subscription service based in Austria and combining the best solutions for e-mail communication. With us, your e-mails are handled confidentially, reliably and efficiently all the way – regardless of device or location.

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Protected e-mail communication with R4C – Secure Mail Service

Secure and care-free solution.
Best antivirus and antispam solution worldwide

Simple and intuitive interface.
Compatible with all manufacturers and operating systems

Hosted in Austria

Technically always up to date

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Your protection for e-mail communication

R4C – Secure Mail Service is compatible with Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail and is available in three customized packages tailored to different operational and functional requirements and different budgets for smaller companies. Secure Mail Service offers the security and authenticity on which end-users depend. At the same time, you stay in control of your e-mail environment, as no local intervention is required. Thanks to the simple deployment and administration, you can protect your sensitive data with a market-leading antivirus program, allowing you to counteract external threats. Complete e-mail security under one roof.


Your all inclusive carefree package for E-MAIL communication







Package prices on request – Price graduation depends on the number of mailboxes.
The subscription period is 12 months from the date of ordering. You can read the details of the terms of use in the General Terms and Conditions on our homepage.


Origin, genuineness, integrity

The Sign package contains the module Signing, which achieves authenticity and integrity by adding a digital signature to the message. The service includes the required certificates for signing and encrypting per user. The certificates are issued by an internationally accredited certificate authority (CSP Certification Service Provider).


Protection from dangerous e-mails

Protect your employees from dangerous e-mail threats.
The Protect package recognizes and classifies undesirable e-mails through the innovative combination of authentication, predefined rules and dynamic classification.
The solution not only ensures that no spam messages or malware reach your employees’ inboxes, but also blocks them even before they are sent to your e-mail server – saving precious resources like disk space.


Communicate securely, always and everywhere
The Secure Portal is great for companies which would like to securely communicate with external partners who do not support any encryption standards.

Strong encryption algorithms and digital signatures offer protection against phishing- and brute-force attacks. The 2 factor authentication as well as the secure reply option offer optimal protection for communication with partners outside your company network.

In the packages Encrypt and Protect the registration works using SMS 2 factor authentication. After sending an encrypted email, the sender has to enter the recipient’s phone number. The recipient will receive a one-time password, which will be used to register in the Secure Portal, along with the registration email. This process offers more security, because in order to read the email, the recipient needs access to not only their email account, but also their mobile phone. If the phone number is unknown, the one-time password can be delivered in an alternative way like email, albeit this is less secure.

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Communication with external partners based on S/MIME, OpenPGP and TLS

The Encrypt package includes the Signing, Encryption and Secure Portal modules. Encryption protects confidential e-mail communications with any external partners by using the recognized encryption standards S/MIME, OpenPGP and TLS. All electronic messages are automatically encrypted using these standards. The registration of the interlocutors and the administration of keys and certificates is fully automated.

Alternative procedure for interlocutors without encryption

The use of S/MIME, OpenPGP and TLS is predicated on the use of certificates and keys. This requires a corresponding infrastructure, or at least some technical know-how. That’s why the Secure Mail Service also offers Secure Portal as an alternative procedure.


Premium Encrypt & Protect
The Premium package adds 2 factor authentication for the Secure Portal login on top of the already included features of the respective package. This means the recipient has to use SMS 2 factor authentication for every Secure Portal login in addition to his self-defined password. This feature further increases the security of your communication.

Corporate Identity
The Premium Protect package also includes the option to customize the Secure Portal to match your company’s corporate identity. You can use your own logo and define a color to match your CI.


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