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Security awareness through interactive training

A major factor in increasing the security level of your company is the knowledge of current security risks and threats. R4C offers a knowledge test for your employees in all areas and departments. Based on the results of the test, a tailored awareness training is created for your employees, which can be continuously expanded and adjusted.

All training modules from R4C – Awareness Training are offered exclusively ONLINE and can be adapted to your needs. We offer various reporting options, including anonymous, to be able to measure the desired learning outcome for your employees. You can review the training status and training success of your employees online at all times.

Interactive trainings


Recruit your employees as your last line of defense

Over 90% of all cyberattacks begin with an e-mail. Corruption prevention, protecting your data and company secrets, and the security of not being blackmailed by cybercriminals are all vital for your company. Reduce the likelihood of phishing or ransomware attacks through preventive trainings and threat simulations. Raise the security awareness of your employees in order to face these threats successfully.

R4C - awareness training

Continuous training concept

Our awareness training concept includes a continuous cycle that maximizes the learning effect and improves internalization of the training material. Our method contrasts starkly with the usual “One training – done!” approach and offers you the opportunity of identifying specific vulnerabilities, of providing trainings at particularly critical times, and of further developing your program over time.

Awareness Training learning concept

In addition to security training, the professional awareness training enables your company to survey the knowledge of your employees regarding e.g. safety instructions or fire protection measures. Right after successfully registering, employees can visit and conclude the learning modules and tests destined for them according to their own or a predetermined schedule.


Analysis of security awareness

The CyberStrenght knowledge tests are an excellent way to test the security knowledge of your employees in many different areas. This allows you to direct your training initiatives at those employees and issues that require the most attention. You have access to a library with over 400 questions from a wide spectrum of important cyber issues. You can also add user-defined questions to assess the knowledge of your company guidelines and processes.


Strengthening defense through simulation of current attacks

The simulated ThreatSim attacks allow you to safely test how your employees react to everyday threats. Unlike other phishing simulation tools, Dynamic Threat Simulation offers an anti-phishing test that is based on current baits. You can test your users’ behavior with several types of threats:

• Malicious attachments
• Embedded links
• Requests to hand over personal information


At our cyber-security trainings, our focus is on the people. Our trainings are designed so that the individual participants can complete them efficiently, sustainably modify their behavior and so effectively reduce the risk to the company. The practical contents are based on proven, scientifically demonstrated learning principles and use a unique approach: continuous training.

Awareness Training portal English
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Practical phishing alarm button

Trained users with the requisite phishing awareness are decisive in recognizing and stopping phishing attacks that get through your peripheral defenses.


With PhishAlarm, the simple but effective e-mail client add-in, your users can report phishing attacks with one click, drastically reducing the duration and effect of a phishing attack.


Informational, effective, user-friendly

Proven methodology:
User-friendly, optimized user interface,
Trainings adapted to your company


Attacks with real, current baits


Real-time reports,
Multinational support


Analysis of user risks

Training your employees and strengthening security awareness are essential to reducing your risk. But it is even better to actively monitor the progress and results of your measures and use this analysis to plan your future tests and trainings. The detailed reports from the platform enable an overview of all employee interactions with the simulated attacks, knowledge tests and interactive training modules.

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Shape your company’s training program with online teaching

No matter what the subject, we support you in your online trainings, from planning and implementing them to carrying out the teaching.

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